An Invitation into Being is the undoing of what you never were: an individual separate identity which is arising here-separate from everything else. What is shared here is the pointing back to wholeness, to freedom, to love. You are invited to step back into your true Nature- and to allow everything to be- as it is- moment by moment

Benjamin Castro’s messages and teachings on non-duality intermesh and unify the ancient wisdom-teachings of advaita-vedanta, the heart of mysticism, and the simplicity of zen. Through his contemporary approach he creates a wide open space while adhering to no particular view at all. He holds no particular ties to any wisdom traditions but the inherent wisdom of what is- loving freedom, exploring and re-discovering itself, now, now and now. 

After years of seeking for something more, something better, something ‘else,’- Benjamin had a spontaneous realization that what he was seeking- was already here, in this present moment. Unbelievable at first, and in fact, beyond belief- was the discovery that everything was happening of its own accord, of its own delight, curiosity, and reverence for what it is- Divinity expressing itself through all contrasts of forms, happenings, comings and goings.

Benjamin’s work is dedicated to the exploration and investigation of life, love, and our natural happiness. He incorporates both our non-dual nature of timelessness and our ongoing humanity in such a manner that creates a wide open space for anyone on the path of spiritual awakening, healing, and human-growth. 

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